Regulatory Compliance Consulting

Regulatory Compliance

Government Regulatory Compliance Consulting

EQS' dynamic staff of responsive chemical engineers and environmental experts deliver consistent and cost effective results. 
Taking rapidly changing regulations into consideration, they provide innovative solutions that reach into the future

EQS' regulatory compliance consulting team helps clients meet complex regulatory compliance requirements. Our regulatory compliance specialists
provide support for local, state and federal government regulatory compliance.

EQS provides assistance in:

  • Regulatory Compliance Audits
  • Assessments of Regulatory Compliance
  • Implementation of Regulatory Compliance Plans and Programs
  • Regulatory Compliance Training
  • Regulatory Compliance Permitting Issues
  • Regulatory Compliance Litigation
  • Stem Cell Research

EQS provides assessments of hazardous materials regulatory compliance status, gap analysis of regulatory compliance programs, regulatory compliance action plans 
and corporate regulatory compliance liability evaluations.

EQS brings to bear chemical engineering expertise to perform facility mass and water balances. These engineering assessments are used to provide criteria for the 
selection of potential pollution prevention technologies. EQS works with clients to provide customized pollution prevention and health and safety solutions.


Stem Cell Research Regulatory Compliance

Even privately funded stem cell research is subject to federal law and regulation.  EQS offers the strategic compliance planning to ensure that developmental projects 
and commercial ventures will not be impaired by undue regulatory constraints.

Stem cell research is subject to FDA regulations governing investigational new drugs (INDs) and devices (IDEs). Investigational new drug means a new drug or 
biological drug that is used in a clinical investigation. The term also includes a biological product that is used in vitro for diagnostic purposes. The terms ``investigational drug'' 
and ``investigational new drug'' are deemed to be synonymous.

Moreover, stem cell research is subject to FDA Institutional Review Board (IRB) and consent regulations (Title 21 CFR Parts 50 and 56). Likewise, clinical research involving the 
transplantation of cells or test articles into human recipients may be subject to Public Law 103-43 (42 US Section 289g-2(a)).



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