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Redefining Consulting

Opportunities in the global marketplace are greater than ever.  Taking advantage of those opportunities requires a focused, rapidly executed strategy.  EQS helps companies implement solutions that enhance their ability to respond, improve their flexibility and increase their speed of execution.

We address our clients' strategic business needs by offering a wide range of integrated services:  benchmarking and best practices, process transformation, package software implementation, electronic commerce, decision support technology, technology architecture and integration and Year 2000 solutions – all driven through our unique solution delivery system.

The Extended Enterprise

Understanding that long-term solutions must extend beyond the enterprise, to an organization's suppliers, customers, and other entities, also allows us to drive and build significantly greater benefit for our clients.  The accelerating pace of technological innovation, combined with the need to share information and knowledge at lightning speed, is forcing companies to focus on their own core competencies, while effectively collaborating with a variety of trading partners.

Network Solutions

To be successful, carriers need to deliver high customer satisfaction across a broad, yet customized, service bundle.  Customers are more aware of provisioning and maintenance service levels than ever before, and they expect immediate service responses from their carriers.  Operations Support Systems (OSS) and flows must step up to meet these increased service levels.  Rapid service activation, timely trouble resolution, and effective network management are mandatory operational support features.  Timely network solutions are critical.
EQS has the experience to assist you with network solutions in any of the following areas:
Local network operations solution delivery, supporting planning and engineering, provisioning, and maintenance functionality;
Local number portability expertise, including process flow definition, service management system definition and development, service order administration interfaces, and enhancements to legacy systems;
OSS gateway interface design and delivery to support local service resale;
Switched network planning and design;
Intelligent Network SCP application design and development; and
Network conversions resulting from OSS upgrades or company acquisitions.

These solutions combine EQS industry knowledge, and systems engineering and systems integration expertise.  EQS is well positioned to assist you in defining network and operations systems architectures to meet your individual needs.  Our wide industry experience and diverse client base allow us to offer you a truly unique understanding of the demands and solutions necessary to successfully compete in the new environment.

Business and IT Strategy Expertise

Most euro transition programs confront organizations with a mix of business and technology challenges.  EQS is an expert at integrating IT and business strategies.  We have the consulting depth, industry expertise and proven methods to support you throughout the strategic management cycle of issue identification, diagnosis, strategy development, implementation and monitoring.

Data Warehousing: Designing the Solution

Data warehouses enable banks to mine these veins and bring vital customer data to the surface.  These warehouses can be also designed to combine automated product and transactional data with information from other sources - the census, the post office, account officers and last, but not least, the customers themselves.

Partitions:  Building Data Warehouses

Data warehousing, like customer relationship management, requires a long-term commitment and the flexibility to respond to changing market conditions.  We recommend moving in stages by building a scaleable, tactical warehouse.  This solution enables you to save time and money, learn as you go and ensure that the warehouse actually delivers the benefits that front-line bankers expect.

Intranets: Building Virtual Workspaces

The strategic direction of Intranet development is to improve the sharing of knowledge and information across the organization and its value chain.  EQS has expertise in the high-potential field of electronic knowledge management.  We can use Web browsing, Web-to-database links and other technologies to build powerful knowledge bases that store many types of know-how:

sales and marketing information;
work methods and business processes;
best practices;
procedures and technical documentation;
project histories, tips and war stories;
industry trends;
customer profiles;
research data.

Internet Commerce: Building Virtual Marketplaces

EQS project teams move on from these launch points to design virtual stores and
malls – the Internet commerce solutions with transaction processing and other "live" business capabilities, such as ordering and customer service.  We are experts at linking Websites to the legacy and client/server systems already in place.  This is what makes possible the construction of advanced electronic "gateways" to advertising, service support, product information, ordering and transaction processing capabilities.  We also address all the security aspects and bring to the table highly technical knowledge of E-commerce protocols (e.g. SET), encryption, and EDI.  Finally, we can act as guides in finding profitable funding models for the payment of transactions (i.e. by clients, suppliers, etc.)

Euro and Year 2000 Program Management Services

EQS addresses specifically the challenge of integrating euro transition programs with Year 2000 conversion initiatives.  We assess which project work—testing systems and configuration management, for example—can be handled in common.  This is based on a review of such factors as organization size, degree of impact and resources available.  We then prepare a road map for program integration and, when necessary, help set up a program management office.

Management Consulting

At EQS this high level practice focuses on ensuring that our clients' information technology organizations can support the critical success factors of their business.  Engagements typically include such services as: EQS capabilities assessment and strategic planning, organizing and staffing the EQS function, hardware, software and tools evaluation, and business technology planning for users.  Our deliverables typically provide a prescription for improving the current environment and a detailed plan of action for its accomplishment.

Software Quality Management (SQM)

Our SQM Practice provides the best guarantee of delivering quality the first time, and every time, by focusing of helping clients improve their software engineering processes, and the quality of their software deliverables.  Our SQM consultants help clients improve their quality at strategic and tactical levels through one or more of our services.  These include software testing and validation, quality/productivity metrics, quality process assessment and implementation, as well as quality process training for both users and EQS professionals.  These services are supported by a proprietary set of methodologies and software tools, which ensure your continuing success even after the engagement is completed. 

Legacy Systems

Our Legacy Systems practice provides solutions for businesses running mainframe platforms, using your traditional skills and the tools that you are familiar with.  Our services are designed to extend production life, reduce costs and maximize productivity, whether they address single projects, maintenance and enhancements, or on-going support.  You'll be part of a team helping clients support their valuable legacy systems investment, sometimes as they make their transition to new technology.


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